These are the newest Spectacles. They are made by Snapchat and take pictures or videos, they sync smoothly with Snapchat with any phone with bluetooth. I bought them new for $150 two weeks ago and worn them once for a trip to Chicago. The glasses, charger, and charger case are all in mint condition.
No cracks on screen. A few scratches around the sides, but not too bad. It was over $200 when I bought it new. Comes with original box, charger, and an SD card.
For sale Crown MA5000i and MA9000i. These s offer amazing power, light weight and ease of use. They include onboard analog signal processing and a built-in network connection. The patented, cutting-edge Class-I circuitry gets more power out of an lifier with less waste. Standard Ethernet networking via System Architect lets system operators monitor and control the lifier from any location. RMS ...
Has 4 different light settings or off. Light sensor will turn on to last setting when it detects dark. I have at least 8 of them. $5 each firm.